Tuesday, January 19, 2010

New drawing

New drawing--I think it's finished, I'm happy with the pink. Will take a better image on Thursday/Friday.

Playing with shapes, trying out some compositions...

Monday, January 11, 2010

Experiments in the Studio

I've been playing around with these planar cut-outs for a few days now--bending them in different ways, arranging them in different configurations, combining them with drawings directly on my wall. I want to include some 3D work in my thesis show, so whether these will be models for something bigger, I'm not sure. I am interested in combining these forms with the type of drawings I've been doing though...we'll see what happens!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Frances Barth Opening at Sundaram Tagore 1/7/10

Awesome show--check it out if you can!! Frances was very surprised to see us...

Richard Serra De-install in Chelsea 1/7/10

Went to NYC on Thursday and happened to see some of Richard Serra's torqued ellipses being deinstalled! We didn't get to see them put onto the flatbeds, which would have been incredible, but this was the best thing I saw all day beside my director's opening!

Drive-in Screens in Danville, PA

I've developed a mild obsession over this drive-in movie theater in my parents' town, Danville, PA. Had to pull over and finally take a shot of the amazing construction...

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Fantastic Day in DC

Went to DC today to catch the Anne Truitt show at the Hirschhorn before it closes tomorrow--it was great, I'm so glad I caught it in time! This would be the PERFECT show to take a color theory class to! Her sensitivity to color and form made for some really powerful pieces...

One of my favorites

This column in the center was INSANE to walk around and notice the differentiation between subtle values of color. One of my favorites in the show...


Also got to see the John Gerrard work featured on the 4th floor of the Hirschhorn. I have never seen any video work like it--truly fascinating and inventive. This was a highlight of the trip.

Also got over to the National Gallery's East Wing to see the Meyerhoff Collection on display in the mezzanine. What a collection they had--Ellsworth Kelly, Hans Hoffman, Robert Rauschenberg, Jasper Johns, Agnes Martin. Saw two great Frank Stella drawings and some smaller scale sculpture. There was also a Philip Guston show in the Tower which was nice to take in.

A great but FREEZING day in DC! We had a great time...