Sunday, March 21, 2010


WOW time flies!! MFA Thesis I opens on Friday 3/26/10 from 5-7pm! MFA candidates in the show include:

Heidi Fancher
Matthew Fishel
Molly Hawthorn
Jason Irla
Justin Kropp
Cyle Metzger
Virginia Sasser
Andrew Shea
Jonathan Stonely
John Walser
Micah Walter
Chloe Watson
Jennifer White-Torres
Ting Zhang

Gallery talks will take place on Tuesday March 30 from 3-5pm and Wednesday March 31 from 1-3pm. I'll be giving my talk on Wednesday. I'm ready to install and can't wait to see everyone's work! For more info, go to:


Monday, March 8, 2010

Thesis Order

I've been trying to figure out the order of my paintings for thesis. The wall I have is 34' long so to keep the viewer going from painting to painting, Frances suggest that I think about these as if I were flipping through a book--what would keep someone interested and moving along since they could just back up and see them all at once? So I'm playing around with them digitally but I'll really figure it out once it's time to 2 weeks!!